Rubber Recycling Need and Trends

Rubber waste is a global problem

Rubber remains a critical material to a number of industries and for a number of applications. Rubber waste is a global problem which is being addressed by a numerous people and bodies all over the world. Once vulcanised elastomers have reached the end of their working lives they must be recycled or disposed of.

Whilst tyres are often regarded as the primary target area for elastomer recycling, the waste from other products cannot be ignored, particularly the material scrapped during product manufacture (flashing, webbing, trim, etc).

Why recycle rubber?

The need for efficient and effective recycling technologies has never been clearer, particularly in consumer orientated societies. There are growing concerns regarding the environmental impact of rubber waste and scrapsA number of organisations in Europe and in the USA are currently examining alternative approaches to dealing with waste rubber / elastomeric materials. 

Legislative pressure Environmental concern : reduced cost of raw materials and reduced cost of waste

Disposal is becoming more and more forbidden globally.

Obligation to re-use recycled materials is more and more imposed to the industry.

Future trends

The market potential for a technology that can truly recycle rubber economically and simply, is huge. 

  • Recycling is offering a wide cost reduction potential. 
  • Green products are offering a marketing argument. 
  • Companies are more and more adopting environmental procedures.

The increase in environmental concern, legislation and financial penalties will continue act as primary drivers in the search for the ideal recycling method.

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