Toll Processing

REP offers the following toll processing service

REP's Tolling Services are designed to process your scrap and return it as a compound that can be used in your current formulation.

Reminder: Value can be gained from crosslinked scrap materials generated during the production process. The HSM process is purely mechanical and does not require the addition of any chemicals, so the compound that we return contains the same chemicals as the original.

What does the savings include:

Recycling industrial wastes| elastoemr waste recycling benefits

Reduced cost of raw materials
Reduced / reused compound ingredients
Reduced compounding operation
Reduced energy costs
Higher utilisation of capital equipment
Reduced cost of waste 

Immediate payback!

Are you interested?  Contact  Jonathan Teixeira, your contact person for REP devulcanization service. 

Our devulcanization service in 5 steps

 rubber devulcanisation line used for toll processing

  1. We collect your waste.

  2. On arrival at REP, the materials are inspected and logged on our system for Quality Control and scheduling purposes. Before any materials are HSM processed, they are checked and, where required, processed to remove contamination such as foreign objects, metals, etc.HSM processing

  3. HSM processing is carried out as a batch process and each batch of materials is tracked and monitored as a part of our Quality Control System.

  4. After HSM processing, materials are processed to a form suitable for re incorporation at your site. In most cases the materials will be sheeted off a mill and stacked and shrink wrapped on a pallet.

  5. Materials are delivered to your site in pre-agreed lots. 
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