Trials and Testing

Testing of mechanical and chemical properties

In our test lab, we can carry out small scale trials on your materials to verify the process and characterise the operating parameters.  Sample materials and report are then sent to you.

Two scales of trials are typically carried out:
test lab |how to recover devulcanized rubber to add it to the compound for injection molding

Laboratory trials

5 kgs of waste + 1 kg of virgin are requested.

Lab trials are made on our 2-litre HSM machine. 

Production trials

200 kgs of waste + 1 kg of virgin are requested.

Production trials allow the validation of the full process acceptability. 

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We recognise that every Client will have their own materials and formulations and that these may respond differently to HSM processing. For any trial, a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be settled. 

 Elastomer scrap recylcing|Testing impact on basic mechanical properties

Elastomer scrap regenerating|Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) Testing for automotive application




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