Valorize Your Production Scraps

What does rubber devulcanization mean?

In a context of tensions regarding raw material provisioning and prices and increasing environmental constraints, valorizing production scraps constitutes both a business and an environmental challenge.

Reversal of the rubber vulcanization process |Reclaim rubber for reuse


Reversed vulcanization reaction

Reversing the vulcanization has been for decades perceived to be an irreversible reaction. This was before relying on Watson Brown who have developed a patented solution, the "HSM devulcanization technology" allowing for the reversal of the rubber vulcanization process, i.e the recovery of cured rubber.


A "green" process without chemical additives

The HSM technology ((High Shear Mixing) is a "green" process without chemical additives. This process permits breaking the bonds between the macromolecular chains while keeping their properties contrary to the milling techniques.


How to obtain regenerated material to be reinjected in the production process

RUBBER RECYCLING: how to regenerate cured rubber and to reuse rubber scraps and wastes

inject recycled rubber |recover devulcanized rubber to add it to the compound for injeciton molding

After processing the rubber scraps inside the HSM recycling machine, regenerated material is recovered, which can partly replace the original material within a new batch. This process allows reintegrating quantities, which are similar to the scrap rate generated by the processes while keeping the characteristics of the original compound.

Tomorrow, runners, tear trims and other production residues will be raw materials for direct recycling into production rather than waste ! 

Save twice : Reduced cost of raw materials and reduced cost of waste

Ready for saving?

For further information or to request trials on your own materials, please contact Jonathan Teixeira, your contact person for REP devulcanization service


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