Papers and Presentations

Papers and Presentations

Novel methods of depolymerisation - a Mechanochemical view

by David Brown

Presented at the December session on Recycling of Rubber, Institute of Materials, London, December 2008

True recycling of rubber - myth or reality?

by David Brown

Presented at the Fall 170th Technical Meeting of the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, Cincinnati, OH, October 10-12 2006

A New Development in Melting the Tyre Mountain

by C.J. Brown, D.A. Brown, N.M. Hodgkinson and W.F. Watson of Watson Brown HSM Ltd

and Mark Clemens Manchester Metropolitan University

Presented at the tire technology expo 2001 conference Cannes 12th January 2001

Novel concepts in environmentally friendly rubber recycling

by D.A. Brown and W.F. Watson

Presented at the International Rubber Forum 2000Presented at the International Rubber Forum 2000 Antwerp November 9th 2000 Organised by International Rubber Study Group

The High Shear Mixer - The Application of Mechanochemistry to the Recycling of Vulcanized Rubber

by D.A. Brown, W.F. Watson and C.J. Brown

Paper presented in the New Processing Technologies Session of Rubber Recycling - 98 Toronto, October 22nd - 23rd 1998 organised by The Rubber Association of Canada and The Scrap Tire Management Council


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The Watson Brown papers and presentations published here have all been presented elsewhere.

They represent a small part of the on-going research and development work being carried out on HSM technology.

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