HSM Process

HSM equipment

Rubber Scrap Devulcanizing EquipmentA new class of polymer machine has been developed to apply the stresses required to rupture the crosslink bonds.

The machine geometry moves the material through a series of high-stress and relaxation zones whilst the integrated cooling system ensures that the material remains at controlled temperatures during the mixing cycle.

The machine is operated as an internal mixer.

Weighed materials are fed into the mixing chamber which is closed as the machine is started. Typical processing cycles are optimized around a 5 minute batch time, after which the materials are discharged from the machine, typically to a dump mill or dump extruder from which they can be batched as strip, sheet, chord or pellets.   


Input material

Input material has to be considered as raw material and not as scrap anymore.

It must be:

  • Cured waste (uncured limited amount can be tolerated)
  • Not contaminated waste (quality control of the incoming material is guarantying the new compound’s characteristics)

Process steps 

Pre processing

Materials are presented in a number of forms, ranging from granulate and powders through to metres of extrudate. In extreme cases, size reduction may be required to ensure accurate metering to the HSM process.

Materials can also be contaminated or contain a mixture of polymers either due to the product / process design or as a result of the collection process. In such cases, a sorting or cleaning of materials may be required. 

HSM processing:

Rotor stator geometry of HSM machine for rubber recyciing



The HSM process can be adjusted automatically for each batch processed to ensure optimum processing. A range of processing parameters can be stored as recipes and activated for each batch and the critical parameters can be stored for stored reference or quality verification.



Post processing:

Cured rubber devulcanized and post-processed in a refiner mill

After the HSM process, the material is processed in a refiner mill for homogenization. The combination of the 2 steps optimizes the productivity.


The devulcanized material can be post processed in order to give sheets and thus to optimize the later logistic, mixing and handling aspects.  




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