Unlocking the value of waste

HSM devulcanization: Unlocking the value of waste The rubber industry currently discards millions of tonnes of materials as waste. These materials come from both inhouse scrap and end-of life products.

REP can turn production scraps into valuable, usable compound without adding any additional chemicals.

Materials are scrapped during rubber product production. This scrap is mostly from the processes used to produce the product, such as mould flash and injection sprews. HSM processing of these materials can result in compounds suitable for use as replacement materials in the original formulations. 

Depending on your needs, devulcanizing equipment or service 

Installing a  devulcanization machine in your plant will allow your to recycle up to 1,000 tons of material annually ! 
Toll processing is also available, i.e. we collect your production waste and provide you with regenerated material that can partly replace the original material within a new compound batch while keeping the characteristics of the original compound. 

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