Rubber Products

Tyres or technical rubber goods

More than 50% of rubber produced is used in the manufacture of tyres, which remains the single largest application of rubber.

Other applications, generally known as technical rubber goods (TRG) or General Rubber Goods (GRG) include: 

  • seals, gaskets and membranes
  • tubing and hoses
  • automotive applicationsrecycling in the manufacturing process of technical rubber goods
  • aerospace applications
  • sports equipment and sports surfaces
  • shoes and shoe soles
  • flooring
  • gloves, containers and protectors
  • conveyor belting, pulleys and belts
  • bollards, bumpers and blocks
  • boats and equipment
  • clothing, protective equipment and apparel
  • ...

Each of these applications will require specific performance from the rubber and will use specific formulations and production processes.  

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